About the IA Roundtable

Our goal is to support and usher transformation of the practice of Information Architecture into a robust discipline, known by all.


The Information Architecture Roundtable started out as a series of annual events to discuss the transformation of information architecture beyond its original context of web sites. We used the label "Reframe IA".

The roundtable bridges academia & industry, and research, theory & practice. Roundtable discussions push us towards thinking of information architecture as a discipline and profession.

The first six IA Roundtables (from 2013-2018) took place as pre-conference sessions at the IA Summit. For example, 2018 was about Ethics. We are continuing the roundtable at the 2019 IA Conference.

Check out reframe-ia.org for more examples, background, history, and context:


Sarah Rice
Consultant, Adjunct Faculty, California College of the Arts

Keith Instone

Bernadette Irizarry
Velvet Hammer Design

Andrea Resmini
Jönköping University

Stacy Surla
ICF International