Advances in
Information Architecture

The Academics/Practitioners Roundtable 2014-2019
Book in the Springer Human-Computer Interaction Series
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This volume reveals the history of Information Architecture (IA), reflects on the relationship between practice and research within the discipline, and presents educators with the latest models, frameworks and theories that have emerged from the Information Architecture Academics and Practitioners Roundtable between 2014 and 2019. The most comprehensive and up-to-date overview of Information Architecture so far, this collection is a valuable tool for teachers, researchers, and practitioners interested in recent advances in information architecture in areas such as pervasive computing and embodiment, artificial intelligence, design practice, diversity and ethics in design, and critique.

The information landscape has grown more complex, porous and connected -- the information challenge of smart phones, sensors and IoT demand focused attention from organizations that often embrace a 'move fast and break things' ethos.

This book not only explores the shift from Classical IA to Contemporary IA--it asks, are today's creators prepared to solve the challenges ahead? Have industry-led disciplines abdicated their responsibility to the people who inhabit current information environments? Will this discipline persist?

Advance in Information Architecture examines the maturity of the field, revisits the discipline's efforts to transform itself in 2013 with the publication of "Reframing Information Architecture", and considers the opportunities that remain to bridge the academic and practitioners communities.


Andrea Resmini
Jönköping University

Sarah A Rice
Seneb Consulting

Bernadette Irizarry
Velvet Hammer Design

table of contents

This three part book looks at information architectures impact for research and practice

  • Excerpts & articles to catch us up to present day IA
  • Illustrates IA practice and research of today
  • Showcases IA contributions to future information landscapes



Andrea Resmini, Sarah A Rice, Bernadette Irizarry,

Foreword (and other Front Matter)

Jesse James Garrett

To IA or Not IA

Adam Greenfield

The Memphis Plenary

Jesse James Garrett